We – that´s Julia and Dieter …


… who love to spend their free time in old buildings and on top of roofs in need of renovation. This is what we have done since 1999.

After our own dwelling, the former courtyard house, we renovated with love and care the adjacent stables and the barn.





Sometimes we really asked ourselves if it was the right thing to do …






However, the looong building activities didn´t mean any harm to our matrimonial harmony. ;-)





On the contrary: In 2009 we decided to change the main building, the former inn, into holiday apartments.


Now we are looking forward to a phase with less building activities and hope that our guests will enjoy their stay with us.

Oh, and at this point we would like to say “THANK YOU” to all our helpers – family, neighbours and friends – who supported us all the time and without which we still could be found up on the roofs. Thanks as well for the indulgence and patience of the people living around us – for bearing the hammering and sawing until late, the dust and the dirt for such a long time. THANK YOU, you are GREAT!